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Macau Deaf Association

Brief History:
Macau Deaf Association, a self-help and non-profit organization, was founded by a group of hearing impaired individuals.
It was established on 3rd August 1994 facilitated by Father Cyril B. Axelrod. The Association strives for the promotion of rehabilitations services for the deaf people in Macau, with the aim of allowing them to participate and contribute to the society. The MDA has successively established two service centres, the Educational Centre for the Hearing Impaired Children and the Service Centre for the Deaf, in response to the needs of the society. MDA became an affiliated member of the World Federation of the Deaf in 1995, enhancing our connection with international associations and the well-being of hearing impaired individuals in Macau.

E Endeavor to provide education, counseling, job guidance, hearing medical services, physical education,
@ and entertainment services for the hearing impaired individuals.
E Promote connection between relevant organizations and the hearing-impaired individuals and their families,
@ for their well-being and fight for their rights and benefits.
E Arouse the general public’s concern and support, and strengthen their knowledge and understanding about the hearing
@ impaired individuals in Macau
E Implement services and activities in line with the Association’s objectives and aims.

Resource of fund:
MDA is a non-profit organization and the fund is mainly raised by flag-selling, membership fee, donations and sponsorship by the local government.

Educational Centre for the Hearing Impaired Children
Offers extensive speech training and language skill development for the hearing impaired children beyond one year old to enhance their listening and hearing ability and build up their potentialities through the training of hearing, lip-reading, articulation, etc. Also provides supporting services for the hearing impaired children attending ordinary schools, and allows them to continue to receive their speech training at the centre.

Service Centre for the Deaf
A wide variety of services are available in this service centre such as sign language interpretation, information, job guidance, family counseling, continuing education, life long learning, social and entertaining activities, etc to help the hearing impaired individuals to overcome the commnication barrier.

Sign Language Promotion
In order to promote sign language and enhance communication between hearing impaired and hearing individuals, we organize sign language courses, speeches and exhibitions.

Community Education
Runs regular seminar, workshop and community education activities promote public awareness of deaf and hearing impaired individuals.

Promoting Activities
To arouse public concern of hearing impaired individuals through the variety of regular activities, exhibitions and newsletters.

Resource Centre
Provides different resources that are relevant to the deaf, such as publications, display boards, video, newspaper clippings and sign language books, etc. Also provides consultation service for the public to know more about the hearing impaired individuals.

Volunteer Training
In order to enhance communication between hearing individuals and hearing impaired individuals, we are recruiting volunteers to join our group. We also provide training courses for the volunteers to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Information and Selling of Hearing-Assisting Equipments
Advising hearing impaired individuals in the Purchase of hearing-assisting equipments to help solve practical problems in their daily life.


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