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Members of APYS Preparation Committee
Seung Taek Lim(Korea)
U Ka Weng, Clarissa(Macau)
Yasunori Shimamoto(Japan)


Dear Youth Members of AP,

@We are very glad to announce to all of you about the 5th AP Camp in Macau. It has been already two years since the 4th AP Camp in Indonesia (June 2008). We have been working hard to establish the AP Youth Section since then.

@In the latter part of the 4th AP Camp we discussed about the necessity of the establishment of the AP Youth Section and issues concerning the situation of many countries were raised. We also exchanged opinions with the Board Members of WFD YS (from Venezuela, Denmark, the United States, Spain, Korea and New Zealand).

We appreciate the Indonesian Association for the Welfare of the Deaf for holding the 4th Camp.

@On November 2008, the 20th WFD RSA/P Representatives Meeting was held in Nepal, Pokhara. We were expecting many youth members to participate in this meeting but unfortunately there were only few youth participants. Yet at the 4th AP Camp two youth members from Nepal participated and they were asked to speak to the other members about the meeting. We, the Preparation Committee strongly emphasized the necessity of the Youth Members to gather. During the 4th AP Camp, APYS was established, and the three of us were the organizing people. It was a historical moment!I

@ The year after that on November 2009, the 21st WFD RSA/P Representative Meeting was held in Gyeongju, Korea and also the 1st APYS Meeting was held. We had no idea who would participate in the 1st Meeting and the three members of Preparation Committee were worried about the numbers of participants but at the end we were relieved to find out that there were nine participants from Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macao, Japan and the Philippines. The 1st APYS Meeting was held fluently.

@At this meeting there was an important presentation concerning the Youth members. It was a presentation by Macau requesting their wishes to host the 5th AP Camp. Everyone at the APYS Meeting all approved. Thus, at the AP Meeting, Macau was formally approved by all members to hold the 5th AP Camp.

@We were able to formally decide to hold the 5th AP Camp because of the enthusiasm and strong wishes of Macau. I cannot express my full gratitude towards Macau.

@I look forward to meeting everyone at the 5th AP Camp! Let’s aim for a stronger bond between the Youth Sections of WFD!

@Sign languages are languages! Let’s protect Deaf Human Rights! Let’s aim for further development! More importantly, let’s unite as one!

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