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It is truly a great joy that we are able to hold the 5th WFD RSA/P Deaf Youth camp in Macau.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Macau Deaf Association, Macau Special Administrative Region, AP Youth Section members and all those who have worked hard to make this camp possible.

Ever since the first camp in 1999 in Malaysia, we have gained many experiences and many countries have started to establish Youth Sections. The members of each Youth Sections have been strengthening their bond and the relationship between the members of Youth Sections has become more intimate.

Depending on the social situation of the regions and countries of AP, the understanding towards Deaf and Hard of Hearing and their involvement in society varies. There are regions that have made improvements whereas some regions have not.

During the camp, you can participate in many events and can take part in these events with other Youth members and learn from each other.

It is important that by participating in this camp, you are able to exchange information, learn together, think together, discuss many topics and take back what you have learnt to your own country or region. Please make full use of such occasion.

On December 2006 at the UN General Assembly, “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” was adopted and on May 2007 the convention entered into force.

For the future development of this movement it is crucial that Deaf and Hard of Hearing take part actively and make appeals.

There are still many problems left unsolved such as the participation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the society. Due to budget shortfall and lack of human resources of sign language interpreter dispatch, Deaf and Hard of Hearing cannot participate in society.

Please take back what you have learnt at this camp and keep what you acquired at this camp going and spread it to your fellow members of the region. I hope that through this, the movements of your region prosper.

Ichiro Miyamoto
Director, WFD RSA/P

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