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22 June 2010
Subject: Welcome message from host – Camp Organizing Committee

Dear Members of WFD RSA/P

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Camp Organizing Committee for the 5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp which is to be hosted by the Macau Deaf Association.

This is a very great opportunity for Macau to host the 5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp, and all of the members of the Camp Organizing Committee have been doing their best to make it happen.

We all have the same goal which is to encourage the active participation and growth of the deaf youth. Besides, the most important aim is to strengthen and maintain the contacts between the deaf youth in the Asia Pacific regions. Therefore, we are looking forward to all your participation. Do not hesitate, come and join us now.

For detailed information about the 5th WFD RSA/P Camp in Macau, please feel free to check the attached brochure.

Yours faithfully
Camp Organizing Committee
5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp

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