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2010.11.25 Snapshots - Activities 28/10¡@click here¡@
  Snapshots - Activities 29/10¡@click here¡@
  Snapshots - Activities 30/10¡@click here¡@
  Snapshots - Activities 31/10¡@click here¡@
  Snapshots - Activities 01/11¡@click here¡@
  AP Youth Camp Rhythm (Video)¡@
  I come from...Nice to meet you all, Thank you (Video)¡@


2010.10.22 Warm Reminder from COC - Video


2010.10.22 Vedio Messages from COC


2010.10.19 List of confirmed countries and participants new update¡@click here
2010.10.08 List of confirmed countries and participants¡@click here
2010.10.05 Reminders for Participants - Things-to-bring¡@click here


2010.09.29 "About Us - Camp Organizing Committee" Photo update¡@click here
2010.09.17 5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp - Chairman of COC Video
  5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp in Macau 2010 Video
  "Welcome Message - WFD Youth Section"¡@click here


2010.09.15 "About Us - Camp Organizing Committee"¡@click here
2010.08.23 5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp - Infomation Video
  "Welcome Message - WFD RSA/P Youth Section" - Video update¡@click here
  "Snapshots - Process of Application"¡@click here
  "Snapshots - Deaf-Hearing Youth Team Experiencing Camp"¡@click here


2010.08.03 "Welcome Message - WFD RSA/P Youth Section"¡@click here
2010.07.08 "Welcome Message - Director of WFD RSAP"¡@click here
  "Programme"¡@click here
2010.06.28 "Poster"¡@click here
  "Welcome Message - Macau Deaf Association"¡@click here
  "Welcome Message - Camp Organizing Committee"¡@click here
  "About Us - Macau Deaf Association"¡@click here
  "Registration" - Entry form update¡@click here
2010.06.24 "Registration"¡@click here
2010.06 5th WFD RSA/P Youth Camp website is open

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